Must-Have Chrome Extensions of Inbound Marketers

Know a Chrome extension that should be in this list? I’d love to check it out. Drop me a comment.

It’s been years since I published this post (previously titled “22 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Productivity (I Think)” – that’s a lot of new Google Chrome browser extensions discovered, and a few replaced/ditched (my old list is still available at the end of this post).

For a change, this revision isn’t just¬†my list now, but is also based on recommendations by the awesome community of when I asked them:

If you were only allowed to use 3 Chrome extensions, what would they be?

Cutting to the chase, here’s the new list of must-have Chrome extensions — not just to increase productivity¬†— but now also to hopefully help you become more effective as an inbound marketer.¬† Continue reading Must-Have Chrome Extensions of Inbound Marketers