An alternative option for YouTube instead of killing reliant third-party apps

Just spilling my thoughts on this case about YouTube going after — and usually killing off — third-party providers that rely on the number one video-sharing platform’s API.

You’re earning money from using our API. We’re not. Prepare to die.

Understandable, but instead of shutting these increasingly popular providers down why not leverage their userbase to rake in more users and revenue?

Think of radio programs. FM stations. Podcasts. Music streaming services. How do they handle advertising in exchange for free access or entertainment?

*Ding!* Right…

Audio ads!

I’m not sure how much work is required in making this possible, or if it is doable in the first place.

YouTube could provide developers the option to display inline audio ads instead of video ones for apps that only make use of audio output.

Most music streaming services have been doing this for years!

Lots of pros, few to possibly no cons

Think of all possible advantages for YouTube (mostly) and others that could rise up from this:

  • Third-party providers can allow users to listen without ads, but at a premium — a portion of which goes to YouTube. Win-win!
  • Podcasters and online radio services could see YouTube as a great platform for publishing, bringing their listeners with them, and possibly gaining more from YouTube’s userbase. Win-win!
  • Advertisers get another shiny option to put their products right in front of the masses, or more specifically have users hear about the products. Win-win (for advertisers and Youtube mostly)!

This could become something that would be an audio-only arm of YouTube.

Perhaps something that would be branded as YouBoom! — ’cause music, loud, boom-boom, you get the point. Maybe sans the exclamation mark. Yahoo! probably won’t think it’s cool.

I’m just bad at coming up with names.

Do you think this could work? Do you have any ideas of alternatives for YouTube on this matter? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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